Review Consideration Requests

You may send Diamond’s Reads a copy of your book for consideration at this time. 

Please fill out the form below (Consideration Request form )

OR Email us directly for address information. Please include in subject line the GENRE and ADDRESS REQUEST or CONSIDERATION REQUEST. 

I get so many emails, if you take the time to do this I will know you have read this page and it will pop out at me (do the caps lock, works every time) 😉

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, books mailed physically will receive priority of consideration over e-ARCs/electronic copies. 

By mailing your book, we will consider reading it and.. 

If read, Diamond’s Reads may choose to do the following
  • Post updates on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)
  • Write a review on Goodreads
  • Write a review on Amazon 
  • and/or post about the book on the blog
  • not make any public statements due to: not finishing book, not reading book, not wishing to promote book for whatever reason, and/or anything 
The only thing we can guarantee is that a blogger at Diamond’s Reads will consider your book

Thank you so much for honoring us with your requests. We appreciate all of you and understand the difficulty it is to be an author; whether self-published or not. Please understand and respect our rights as a blogger in return. Thank you.

[updated: June 2017]


In accordance with FTC guidelines for bloggers:

Statements and opinions expressed in reviews, discussions, and posts on this blog are those of the authors of Diamond's Reads (unless otherwise stated). 

Authors, Publishers, Bloggers, etc. may send a review copy, ARC, or finished copy in exchange for the review consideration of Diamond and/or Alex (any authorized author of the site).

My opinions are not influenced in any way by the avenues in which I obtain my materials. I do not receive any compensation for my blog, and I do not have any affiliate links at this time.

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